Here you can find all our different Grip Covers. Do you want a different color? Or would you like a cover with extra strengthening? Then you can contact your dealer and they can order a custom made seat cover for you!


The original and the bestseller that gives an incredibly good grip in all weathers!

Size: 880x390 mm


The seat cover that provides super grip when moving forwards and backwards on the seat, but you get more mobility sideways.

Size: 880x390 mm              


This seat cover is thin, very light and has a smooth surface with high friction that is developed especially for motocross.

Size: 820x340 mm

-Mud edition

This is a thin, durable seat cover with a pattern that is developed to make the driver more flexible on the bike but at the same time maintain a good grip, especially in muddy conditions! The cover is available in one color, multicolor or with different colors on all the ribs, combine as you want so that it fits your bike perfectly!
Size: 900x440 mm